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We are leading experts in meth sampling and testing. We focus 100 per cent on clients like you and issues around meth sampling, testing and remediation, and we have many case studies of success stories in this area.

Because we have helped create succesful results for other home owners in Auckland, we deeply understand the challenges that owners, vendors or buyers face, and we have answers that work.

We work for Property Managers testing in-between tenants, buyers wanting to complete due diligence on a prospective purchase and vendors who may have a contamination issue.

We offer a no fuss, no drama approach, with regard to an easier and less expensive solution. We believe any positive meth result - under very high levels - is a problem that can be readily fixed, and although inconvenient and of cost, is not necessarily a disaster.
meth P sampling
  • Meth Screening assessment of houses, etc
  • Detailed meth level sampling assessments
  • Asbestos survey and assessment of buildings and materials
  • ​Smoke alarm testing & maintenance
  1. Meth or 'P' Screening Tests
    We offer four types of meth sampling, including full written report and photos. - A meth Field Composite screening assessment - the usual and most common type of sampling - that gives a cumulative level of contamination, if any, throughout the house. - Lab Composite sampling. Every room is sampled individually and the result is an average of all the samples. Cost is more than a Field Composite. Individual results can be quickly extracted at the lab for an extra fee, without the need to re-visit the property. - If contamination is detected, we do a detailed meth assessment, and can refer you to companies for any remediation or cleaning work needed. - Pre and Post-decontamination sampling and reports as per NZ Standards from our authorised samplers. - An instant results on-site sampling that gives a yes or no for detection of meth. No level if any given. Process as per NZ Standards. Email or phone now for a quote, or to arrange a visit from a certified sampler.
  2. Asbestos Testing
    Asbestos, common in houses built before 1984, is less common in pre-2000 houses. Building materials such as floors, roofs, downpipes, ceilings, fireplace surrounds, soffits and wall cladding can contain asbestos. Asbestos is very dangerous to people's health. Before doing any building work or renovations, contact us for information about asbestos containing materials. If you have any suspicions that a material may contain asbestos, it is necessary to have it tested or treated as possibly asbestos containing. We do not do asbestos removal, but can provide you with a short list of certified companies that do. ASBESTOS SURVEY ASSESSMENT AND SAMPLING Locate - identify - manage Our BOHS accredited service is to inspect your house and to try and find all the Asbestos Containing Material, identify what type and how hazardous it might be. We can also provide an Asbestos Register and Asbestos Management Plan. Prices from $695 including limited number of samples to the lab.
  3. Smoke Alarm Testing etc
    We will test the smoke alarms in you home, rental or commercial property. Push button AND smoke detection testing offered. Our maintenance schedule: - A property inspection to determine the quantity, type and location of existing smoke alarms. - Each smoke alarm checked for correct and secure fitting. - All smoke alarms cleaned. - Batteries replaced in alarms with removable batteries. - Expiry dates on all alarms checked. - Alarms checked for audible notification. - Alarms checked for smoke detection. - Alarms checked for visual indicators. - Alarms verified to meet current New Zealand Standards. - Replace any alarms that are faulty or expired. - Relocate any existing alarms to make property compliant. - All details emailed with a Certificate of Compliance, and kept by Habitat Property Services for your future reference, if needed.
  4. In-depth detailed meth tests
    We work with IANZ and NIOSH certified Laboratories to measure the level of meth contamination in each individual sample. If the screening test is positive (or inconclusive) for meth contamination, a more detailed test is recommended. More detailed testing involves getting samples from the various areas in the house tested, and determining the level of contamination. A full written report is provided. Any areas or rooms that are over the NZ Standards level of 1.5mcg/100cm2, need some sort of remediation or cleaning. We are happy to consult on remediation options, or refer you to companies that do the work. We do not do cleaning or remediation ourselves.
  5. Info about meth and houses
    Methamphetamine use or manufacture is a real problem and can affect your house, rental investment, or the health of your family if you move into a meth contaminated property. There can be insurance and Tenancy Tribunal issues around repair costs. Book a meth screening test now to have documentation proving your house is meth-free, and to assist if using tenancy bonds for repairs. Buying a house? Get it meth tested to avoid potential health issues or repair costs. We don't do remediation repair work, but can refer you to companies that do.
  6. Managing your rental & meth
    We can check your prospective tenant against debt and tenancy tribunal ruling databases in NZ. Get a meth test done now to establish a clean point in time for the house. Inspect your rental regularly. Notify your tenant that a meth test will be done when they leave. We, or your Property Manager can communicate the above with your tenant if you wish.
  7. Other Property Services
    Our partners can provide: Residential Property Management. Pre-Sale House preparation. General Property Maintenance. Roof Painting. House furniture moving. All lawn and garden work.
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