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A Kiwi company since 1993
In Auckland property since 1993
test house for P or meth Auckland
Relieve any concerns you might have about meth contamination with our certified, registered and police vetted testers

To give you quick and efficient service our team is equipped and ready to go for your meth or asbestos test requirements.

We can test anytime or day of the week, by appointment.

We are leading experts in meth sampling and testing. We focus 100 per cent on clients like you and issues around meth sampling, testing and remediation, and we have many case studies of success stories in this area.

Because we have helped create succesful results for other home owners in Auckland, we deeply understand the challenges that owners, vendors or buyers face, and we have answers that work.

Decades of living in Auckland and being involved with property and tradespeople means we can assist you to efficiently deal with any property issues.

We have contacts with the best cleaners, remediation experts, tradies, roof painters etc whom you are welcome to get a quote from if you wish.

We have years of satisfied clients, and are happy to provide references.