meth, asbestos, smoke alarms

Price Guide

Screening Tests

Detailed Testing

Asbestos Testing

Field Composite Level Screening Test
The recommended test for reliability and price, gives a level of contamination, if any.

Every room + garage sampled in an average house  - $209 total. 

For very large houses or more precise definition of areas, eg if you want to split upstairs and downstairs, or split the sleepout sample out, add $150 for an additional swab kit test.
Then each defined area has it's own result and level of contamination if any. Makes it easier to assess cleaning decisions.

Lab Composite Sampling
$209 includes the first sample kit, add $40/sample kit after that.
Follow-up individual analysis if required is $70/sample.

Individual Detailed Sampling
$130 / sample.

Instant On-site Screening Test
One test kit, up to three locations sampled. Suit average one bedroom unit , $149.
Also suit single rooms, cars, hotel rooms, etc.

Add $40 per extra sample e.g. for more locations, sleepout or garage, in which case you may want to go for the Field Composite test - $209.

Total price includes travel in area, inside and outside visual inspection, courier and PDF report.

Fast ONE working day in-lab turnover time included.

Travel cost may apply if North of Redvale, West of Waitaker, East of Whitford or South of Drury.

Report PDF emailed, and we keep them on record for you too.

Results are confidential for your eyes only.
Detailed meth testing involves collecting individual samples from each test area. Each sample is tested by the lab.

Usually five or more samples are done per house or building, depending on any previous screening test results, areas of contamination concern, size of house, etc.

ONE day in-lab turnover time.

Cost increases for number of tests or test areas done - $130 per sample.

Welcome to phone us to discuss a quote.

Asbestos tests are $165 total cost, per sample, and take 3-5 five working days.

Further tests on same visit, for other materials or surfaces etc, $125.
Report supplied.
Travel may apply.

Smoke Alarm Testing etc

Smoke Alarm testing, maintenance, and installation service starts at $129 and is best done once a year.
Includes testing, cleaning, battery changes, moving of alarms if necessary.
Installation of new alarms may cost extra.
Includes report for insurance, OSH and Tribunal purposes.

If smoke alarm report done with a meth test of the same property, price is only $100.